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Consumer Information and Disclosure

Consumer Information and Disclosure

Cosmetology as a career that offers the benefit of growth…..

If you are considering a career in an industry that has grown during these tough economic times, is still growing and will continue to grow for many years to come, use this page to do your homework. The link on this page will connect you to information that is provided by the US Department of Labor.  It identifies many characteristics of the industry, not limited to hours of employment, pay scale, job description, advancement opportunities and self employment.  This school is licensed by the Indiana Professional LIcensing Agency and nationally accreded by NACCAS.  Voluntary compliance with these two agencies allow the DRSHD to offer financial aid to those that qualify.

For the calendar year of 2013, for all courses offered, our combined completion rate was 78%.

For this same period of time, 100% of those that took their licensing exam were successful and 90% of our graduates found employment.

The 10% that were not placed chose not to be employed in industry-related positions. All graduates completed the program within 150% of their course length.

At DRSHD we understand that life happens and that many times plans to start a new career are redirected by life.  Some of our graduates have experienced a program longer than planned.  It has been our experience that the exception to the rule is perfect attendance.  This is a sad truth.  Employers in our industry tell us the same, they do not expect perfect attendance, but do grafefully accept it.

To accommodate this need, students are allowed to miss 10% of their scheduled classes. Leave of absences are made available to those that qualify, due to family emergencies, health related needs and unavoidable emergencies.  Students are not charged for the scheduled class time during the leave of absence.

The vast majority of our students complete the program as planned and within the terms of their enrollment contract.

This population is to be congratulated as licensing is immediate upon graduation and employment is immediate.


Disclosure Information

Occupation: Cosmetology General

  • SOC Code 12.0401/39-5012.00/Cosmetology/Hair and Hair Services
  • SOC Code 12.0401/39-5094.00/Aesthetics/Skin and Skin Services
  • SOC Code 12.0401/39-5092.00/Manicure/Mancure,Pedicure and Nail Services
  • Credential Level/01/Undergraduate Certificate

The US Department of Education finds the outlook for employment to be “bright and growing in the future”!

  • Detailed Occupational Profiles can be found at www.onetonline.org/crosswalk/CIP/.  
  • Enter 12.0401 to find detailed consumer and employment information about the cosmetology field.  
  • Annual reviews of our student population determine that 93% of the students work outside of their home while in school.  Many are successfully placed in the industry, at entry level positions/minimum wage, while in school.  After completion of school and licensure, their job descriptions become more suited to their skills/wage increases.

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