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Posted by on Sep 12, 2013 in Student Blog | Comments Off on FAQs ABOUT A COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL


Posted on Sep 12, 2013 in Student Blog | Comments Off on FAQs ABOUT A COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL


Beauty and pampering services are just everywhere nowadays. Because of the growing ‘grooming’ demands there is an increasing number of professionals and booming groomers who choose to work on exclusive salons and pampering service outlets not only to earn but also to gain self-fulfillment to see their customers happy on the service they provide them. Their indispensable expertise is achieved through progressive trainings and proper education provided by accredited cosmetology schools Schererville, IN.

As a mother who still aspire to get into the world of beauty and cosmetology, is it really too late for you to try at your age and with the responsibilities you have?  What do you need to know about your cosmetology school? We got your common questions compiled and answered on this page.

As you read through this article we have given you a quick guide on how to jump on your new career as a cosmetologist.

Is Beauty School Different from a Cosmetology School?

Many people get confused if there is actually a difference on these two terms. But the truth is, these are basically synonymous. Both of these institutions offer almost the same curriculum and beauty programs like basic nail care, hair styling, makeup sessions and other beauty services.  But on some cases, cosmetology schools only focuses on hair styling and make up artistry while beauty schools cover wider range of programs to cover all areas of beauty study.

Do I need to visit the cosmetology school or I can do everything online?

Although some schools offer online enrollment, it is better to visit the school before you enroll to help you decide if you are settled on the course content they offer or you can move to the next school on your list. Surely you have queries like enrollment rates, post education employment opportunities and class schedules, those questions can be answered vividly by the school representatives personally and no waiting on your email inbox.

If enrollment can be made online can I also study online?

This is a tough question in terms of convenience and practicality. But advance technology cannot answer all our problems all the time. You cannot learn cosmetology the professional way if you will do it online. Cutting hair and proper way of holding the scissors and even makeup application cannot be done online.  Your training program needs hands-on training most of the time and being a home based learner won’t give you the advantage to learn the actual process.

Do I need to spend four years to complete my course?

A cosmetology school only takes usually a year for the licensing of your cosmetology course. Certification is also provided once you finish your training program which can be your golden ticket to get the dream job you want as a cosmetologist.

Is there an age limit for cosmetologist aspirants?

It is never too late to be an accredited cosmetologist. Different cosmetology schools offer flexible schedules to fit on your hectic schedule as a parent or as an employed individual. Cosmetology can be a personal fulfillment or can make you earn a living especially nowadays that beauty professionals are of high demand.

 Can I get financial aid for beauty school?

Some schools that are accredited and regulated by the Department of Education can provide financial aids. These schools are closely monitored by the DOE to ensure that proper training and education is given before the students can claim their license.

Avoid the confusions, have these handy information that will lead you to your decision on choosing your cosmetology school.  Keep in mind that your beauty school should provide you the best beauty career through its intensive learning procedure for its students.