Don Roberts School of Hair Design

The Don Roberts Beauty Schools have been in the business of exceptional cosmetology education since 1961.

We began in Calumet City Illinois, are privately owned and offer multiple programs that allow students to cross train and obtain the specialty education that is in demand! Because we have produced thousands of successful graduates, we know what it takes to make you a success.

We are the only SPA SCHOOL in northwest Indiana. Don Roberts School of Hair Design offers multiple programs that far exceed the minimum standard. These advanced studies will give you the knowledge to be a professional.

All programs are designed to offer both on site and off site education. Your education is our purpose. At Don Roberts School of Hair Design you can get a new career in less than a year! Learn your craft while you earn your hours, both on and off campus!

Why Don Roberts School of Hair Design?

At Don Roberts School of Hair Design you will receive the cosmetology education you need to be your own boss, stay in control of your career and work independently if you choose.

Make a change that will change your life! Make a profitable change!

Our philosophy is based on the principle that each student is unique, both in ability and independent goals. Don Roberts School of Hair Design will make every effort to support, encourage and educate those individuals that have the desire to be that best that they can be.

Our educational philosophy is student driven. It is our belief that every student must make the choice to want a quality education and support this choice daily with a commitment to themselves as well as their professional success.

We promise to identify the uniqueness of each student while helping the student obtain their goals. We promise to mirror your effort. Those who give 100% will receive 100%. The student determines the intensity of their education and is accountable for their outcome.
Don Roberts School of Hair Design offers unique career opportunities. Cosmetology is not a job, but a career. A career takes quality education, quality education takes extremely well trained and devoted instructors, devoted instructors need students with a passion and the passion drives the graduate to success.

Don Roberts School of Hair Design is about success, for decades we have been doing the assigned work over until it is an end result to be proud of. Cross Training is the KEY to our success. Our educators are cross trained and they share their enthusiasm and energy with their students on a daily basis. The cornerstones to Don Roberts School of Hair Design CROSS TRAINING are our cosmetology, aesthetics, massage therapy, manicure and instructors programs. Many of our graduates return after obtaining their original license and continue to pursue a second license.

Our Campus

Don Roberts School of Hair Design Campus

Who is Don Roberts?

After serving in the military, with 82nd airborne, I decided to go to “BEAUTY SCHOOL”. I went to school on the GI BILL.

In the late 50’s I opened the first of my two salons and by the early 60’s, I could not find any qualified hairdressers. I had to retrain them upon hire. So, I decided to open my first school in Calumet City, Illinois. That was in 1961. I then opened a new school every two years. I have owned six schools and retired three times.

Currently we have one campus in Schererville, IN; Don Roberts School of Hair Design. Our school is unique and offers a vast selection of educational opportunities.

DR educators are not only exceptional, but have the hands – on experience in the cosmetology field and the classroom to provide the very best education in Northwest Indiana. Our history details recommendations from licensed professionals, salon owners, state examiners, independent entrepreneurs and platform stylists.

The DR Beauty Schools provide an education that is solid in its basic foundation and ever evolving to meet the changing demands of the industry.

The educational skills of the staff range from cosmetology, esthetics, massage, manicure, vocational education and additional advanced classes such as, Reiki. Each staff member is a valuable part of our team and is constantly striving to learn more.
I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to consider our school for one of the most important steps of YOUR future career.

It is my hope that this is only the beginning of a great educational journey for you, as it has been for me.

Student Testimonials

At DR I received an amazing amount of hands-on experience! Many cosmetology schools don’t have the ability to give students the chance to work on real-life clients. My experience at DR Beauty Schools has been a positive one.
Patricia Williams, Cosmetologist
DR has been a pivotal point in my life. I found my strengths as well as weaknesses. I call myself an official Pamperologist. Miss Jan’s love for her craft has not only changed my life, but thousands of lives.
Catina Gordon, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, Manicurist, Salon Owner and Reiki Practitioner
Miss Jan encourages and expects students to take learning to a higher level, both in the classroom and life. I have over 20 publications, a museum and an independent film, that have showcased my work.
Deanna Roberts, Cosmetologist, Aesthetician, Make Up Artist
I studied cosmetology while still in high school. I attended class three nights per week and every Saturday. I am sure it started as a way to keep me off the streets as a young teenager. I graduated from high school and received my cosmetology license the same month. The industry has been my passion and my dream for as long as I can remember. I can still remember picking up and using the razor for the first time. DR was the initial step. Thank you DR.
Armondo, Cosmetologist, Salon Owner
As a student, I had enough experience in everything to jump into my career with confidence! I was one of the best decisions of my life
Mary Johnson, Cosmetologist
Don Roberts has consistency within their leadership – ultimately that is what is best for students and for their future opportunities.
Chris Valavanis, Vanis Salon & Day Spa
The vocational program Don Roberts Beauty School has for high school students is a very valuable program. It helps those who are creative, to be creative while building their self-esteem.
Chris Valavanis, Vanis Salon & Day Spa
Don Roberts has most certainly contributed to the Vanis Salon & Day Spa. I received my initial training and licensure with them and as a salon owner I am able to recruit new talent from Don Roberts Beauty Schools.
Chris Valavanis, Vanis Salon & Day Spa
The level of success each student will reach, is up to the student.
Chris Valavanis, Vanis Salon & Day Spa