Thinking of a Career in Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is not easy, but it is rewarding, flexible and only the beginning of a path that can go anywhere.

Thinking of a Career in Cosmetology?

To those that are thinking of a career in cosmetology, do your research, understand what the industry demands and know what your strengths are.

I recommend that you have a clear understanding that it really is about stepping up to your plate and making sure that you are prepared and qualified to enter both an exciting and rewarding career but, one that requires work and effort. As will all good intentions, there will be tears, both of frustration and happiness. Frustration when you have to practice the same task again, until you own it and joy when you nailed it and can move forward!

In the past 54 years I have seen graduates make enormous amounts of money. I have seen many, many more successes than failures. Sadly, I have also seen graduates leave the industry for other fields, when their people skills and endurance could not make the test of time. As with all good things, clients take time. Building a client base takes patience and knowing.

I have seen students enroll in class and find their passion! Their energy is positive and contagious every day of class. They never seem to tire and are pleasure to educate. I have also seen students fade away because they do not know how to be part of a team and find it difficult to be accountable for their apathetic approach to their very own education. It is my opinion that it is a choice only the student must make.

Cosmetology is not easy, but it is rewarding, flexible and only the beginning of a path that can go anywhere. I am that example. I left college at 18, knowing it was not for me. I began an amazing education at the Don Roberts Beauty Schools in 1965, taught my first class at 19 and managed my first school at 21. I bought my first school from Mr. Roberts 10 years later, my second, two years after that. I am still in the classroom, enjoying every minute of it.

Cosmetology is not for the weak. Our graduates are sought after, even before they obtain their license. That in itself says it all. A DR diploma does not come without effort. Ask our graduates, they will tell you.

The beauty industry is filled with exciting opportunities for those with the high standard of excellence and proficiency. We provide both a rigorous classroom and practical training. The industry is ever changing and re-inventing itself. What was, is now new, in a different presentation.

The industry demands perfection, detail and desire. Your passion must be obvious to you, almost to the bridge of exhausting to you those around you.

The sky is the limit, but you must have the desire to put your hands in the air and hold them there long enough to receive a quality education, which is what we provide.

Grab your future, own your own business if you desire, become a make-up artist, cut and color hair, do art design with every pedicure, give the very best facial. Massage the tired body of client, educate those around you and travel while you work. I did and never looked back.

As you enter the Don Roberts School of Hair Design campus, there is a small saying on the left wall…. “Put your big girl pants on and deal with it!“ This is what we must all do to move forward, be a success and thrive on what we can give the client.

I welcome your thoughts or questions. Contact us and start the conversation.

Jan Stemmer