Color is an exceptional designing tool whether it is in our hair or clothing, painted on our nails and toes or applied to our face or body. It makes no difference whether is permanent, airbrushed or a two week nail color and design. Color catches the eye and is the desert to anything it is applied to.

The Don Roberts School of Hair Design curriculum uses color in all aspects as a key educational tool. In the classroom, when learning to cut and design the hair, color techniques are immediately taught to not only enhance the finished style, but to allow the student to learn how easy it is to upsell the clients service, which will without exception increase the income to both the soon to be professional and future employer.

All program curriculums, during freshman level of study, include an extensive color theory and formulation session. During these hours of class the students are taught color basics and advanced methodologies. They practice HANDS ON WORK, which is the application of color, on the hair, face, hands and feet. During these labs they practice until the craft is achieved, both in timing and skill. As the student’s progress in their training, they truly become “mixologists”. Graduates complete the program with extensive training in color theory, hands on formulation and mixing. Licensed graduates are in demand and often placed prior to graduation.

All programs at Don Roberts School of Hair Design identify the art and importance of color, as a tool used to design and create.