Cosmetology with all of its specialties areas, is an industry that is never new and constantly reinvents itself. The purpose of cosmetology school is to introduce and identify the basics. Designing of the hair, applying makeup or applying color on the nail are all forms of art and its personal interpretation.

Don Roberts School of Hair Design encourages all students to define their own purpose. Our challenge as school is to help students refine and enhance their art, obtain their license and enter the world of professionals.

The challenge then begins for the professional. The REAL education then begins. The choices are many. It makes no difference where or with whom they employ, however, they must choose to continue their education. Learning, change and improvement are an industry requirements. Mentors and apprenticeships are a great source of entry level employment. All entry level employment requires patience, pro-action and a desire to learn all that will support their purpose.

Education is a funny thing, those that make the chose to use it to fit their purpose, create a future that is only limited by their own actions or lack of.

Successful graduates know their purpose, set goals, and apply the education learned.

“I came home after a year of school and although my profession was only hairdressing, I knew I could change it.”

Vidal Sassoon
Vidal Sassoon