Since the first day of class in January of 1961, excellence has been the Don Roberts School of Hair Design objective is Excellence by definition is the “the quality of being outstanding”. We define excellence as a talent that far surpasses the standard. It is the very best. Our schools, without question, have stood the test of time. We are the best.

Our classrooms, either in the student salon or academic arena support one on one education. All students, in any program benefit from privately written and produced lesson plans, visual aids and demonstrations. This is what it takes to be the best.

Our protocol for education is unique. The lesson is taught by the educator, not a video, not a computer or not an iPad. The educator is responsible for the student’s clear understanding of the academic portion of the lesson. The demonstration of the lesson is then completed by the educator, not a video. Review of the activity and Q and A’s are key to the lesson.

The student is then observed while practicing the lesson. Corrections and redirections are given by the educator, not a software program.

At the end of the lesson, both written and practical, educators make sure the lesson is clearly understood and the skill is achieved. The student does not move on to the next lesson until satisfaction is completed.

Our instructor educator’s use visual tools to enhance the teaching experience. They do NOT use visual tools to replace the lesson. Instructor’s do NOT use packaged materials from educational systems.

Our Instructors are experienced educators, know their respective undergraduate license material well and value on-going continuing education.